Making your Website Visible amidst the debris on the internet.

If you have ever read a blog post by someone from design luck. They always end with a sentence that starts with “The internet is noisy…” This is very correct, the internet is a noisy and jumbled up space. It’s littered and clogged up with the good, the bad and the ugly. The good- honestly useful stuff created by honest people to help or teach other people, sell some goods or render some services. There is the bad- harmless but not so useful content put up there. Masqueraded as useful stuff with the sole intent of attracting traffic and making a few quick bucks. The ugly… well malicious content by unscrupulous elements who don’t care about anyone else. There’s a lot of gray areas in between too.

WebsiteSnap question: “How do you get your stuff to stand out among all of these?” What can you do to ensure that the people who need your content actually find it? Here are a few quick pointers to guide you in making your website more visible.

  • Develop Solid Content: Here is the most important place to start from. You can’t make people listen if you don’t have something solid to say. First of all, ignore all the ads and Search Engine Optimization and ranking and just develop some really strong content to go with your website. It is important that you learn your craft and you know your material. For some time now, I’ve read articles using the pocket app. I’ve come to realize that many articles and blogs out there are actually just from blog title generators. You go on to read the body and you realize it’s the shoddy job of some non-native speaking English kid freelancing with a laptop and modem. Nobody wants to read crappy stuff like that, the big companies won’t link to your website with that. Take the time to learn your material and really know it well. If you’ve not had the time to research, don’t bother putting anything up. The quality of the blogs on your website- even if they are short- will naturally attract traffic. I’ve experienced getting increased traffic simply from people sharing the link to a blog on my website through social media.
  • Learn the tools of the trade: In the previous section about solid content. I wrote “…ignore all the SEO and ads…” Well I was just kiddingJ. Despite the fact that everyone is talking about them and making a lot of noise. Tools like SEO and SEM are actually quite effective and people have been getting results from using them. This is not a Search engine tutorial, so sorry, I won’t be giving you any SEO tips. But here’s what I’ll suggest: Take time to really learn how these things work. Don’t just depend on cheap blogs and articles. Buy books, talk to experts and find out how these tools can help you increase traffic to your website.

There’s huge traffic on the internet, and it’s yours for the taking if you’re willing to put in the effort.