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You may be great at SEO, or social media, or citations or any of the other aspects that go into internet marketing and ranking and lead generation. But you need to do it for yourself as well as for other people or you won’t have any customers to do it for.

Social Media

One way is to have a presence on social media, particularly on Facebook and Twitter. You can use programs like Hootsuite to post on a regular basis. You can create many posts and schedule the out into the future when you want them to post. That will help. You also want to take advantage of Edge Rank in Facebook. It looks at how many likes and comments a post is getting and if it is popular then it will put it out to a wider audience still. So if you can get a group of friends to like and comment on a post about your business, you can get a broader viewership than you normally would. It helps if there is something compelling in the post.


You can also choose a target sector and send out emails and just play the percentages. If the email is well written and eye catching, you will get some responses. It is a numbers game and you just need to have large enough numbers.


Another way you can get the word out to people is to create videos. Screencastomatic has a good service for creating videos. You can look for people with websites that need help and do a free evaluation, explaining that their site is not mobile friendly or they don’t have enough citations or back links, or their content isn’t robust enough or their phone number isn’t prominent enough or they make it too hard to find a form to fill out. Any or all of these. Create the video and send it to them in an email. Some will call back and others you will have to follow up with a phone call.

Cold Calling

Ultimately you want most of your business to come from referrals because those are warm leads and much easier to close. But before you get to that point, will probably need to get on the phone and do some cold calling. Or drive to businesses and speak with owners one on one.


Another possibility is to hire a sales person on a straight commission basis. You don’t want just any salesperson, you want a superstar. Don’t put in an average salary target, put the top end in the ad. Putting an average income in an ad will attract an average salesperson. Putting a high income will attract a superstar. To find out a lot more about this, get the book The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes. He goes into detail about how to attract the person you need.


Have your own site to attract business and do all the things that you would do for anyone else to get your website ranking and business coming in.

Consistent Action

Whatever you choose, whether it is videos, emails, cold calling, the key is to be consistent and do it at a high enough level to get results. Also, the more you do it, the better you will get at it and your closing ratio will improve. Don’t be afraid to be pushy (in a nice way).

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