Leveraging Adwords while Reducing Cost

adminfbfans 10 Oct , 2015 0 Comments Adwords

You might call this a stealth keyword strategy. In some niches where there is not much competition, it doesn’t matter too much. In others, with higher competition the cost of keywords can become quite steep. What to do?

In a competitive niche, when you ad new keywords, frequently your competitors will be copying you in a week or two which negates the new keywords you have added, or at least drives up the cost.

By doing the following strategy, it will be much harder for your competitors to see what you are doing. Even programs like Keyword Spy and Spyfu won’t be able to figure out exactly what you are doing.

This strategy will give you long tail keywords and typically they have the benefit of being cheaper and converting at a higher rate than the main keywords that are shorter.

Rather than going after the keywords that everyone else is going for, go for the ones that they aren’t. For example. When you enter Cosmetics the top results of the keyword tool are

  • cosmetics
  • perfume
  • bio oil
  • makeup
  • beauty
  • shiseido
  • lush cosmetics
  • mascara
  • eye makeup
  • lipstick

So rather than compete for the top 10 keywords, let the others fight over them. Instead, do a general broad campaign using  +cosmetics. Then you exclude the top 10 items on the list as follows:

  • -[cosmetics]
  • -[perfume]
  • -[bio oil]
  • -[makeup]
  • -[beauty]
  • -[shiseido]
  • -[lush cosmetics]
  • -[mascara]
  • -[eye makeup]
  • -[lipstick]

Even after excluding the first ten, there are hundreds of keywords. Here are a few:

  • bourjois
  • makeup tips
  • beauty supply
  • concealer
  • skin care
  • makeup brushes
  • airbrush makeup
  • makeup organizer
  • makeup artist
  • elf makeup
  • cosmetic surgery
  • skin care tips
  • natural makeup
  • cosmetic

And the list goes on and on. Give it a try and see how it works for you.


Written By adminfbfans